Trinity takes the initiative to be present in the albanian market in 1993 where the seller-customer relationship was direct and consequently more reliable for the domestic consumer. The reason to take the initiative of working wholesale venture was not only loyalty to customers but ambition and conviction that we possessed the potential to offer more. Our goal has been and continues to be to offer premium quality products at economical prices, giving us the space to be one step ahead of our competitors in the market. Honest communication and constant assistance is the reason why we will never dare to offer you the best.


Today Trinity owns a wide range of products in the field of bicycles, motorcycles, spare parts and various accessories. Our partners are the most popular brands in the international market such as: Totem, Yanshe (Yamata) Shimano Bicycle Spare Parts, Deeston tire and inner tube, Lifan Motorcycles Spare Parts, Kenda tire and inner tube, Duro and many others. Trinity is a distributor not only of accomplished brands but also quality in the Albanian market.