Benefits of cycling

Using a bicycle is definitely one of the healthiest methods to get around on the road. If the first reason did not impress you, think again as it is also one of the most economical methods. Physical activity in general is a miracle for health and keeps away from the most dangerous diseases. Excessive use of cars has led to environmental pollution which has become suffocating. Now is the time to use bicycles in everyday life for short distances. Using a bicycle would reduce the chances of being affected by diseases such as: lung cancer, various blood diseases, genetic deformities. One of the problems of people and especially children and those who are passive is obesity. This comes from the lifestyle that people choose to do. The use of bicycles leads to the activation of muscles, the burning of fats that lead to weight loss and reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart disease, increase in blood cholesterol, increase in blood pressure, etc. Study after study has been found that physical activity helps prevent or relieve stress, anxiety and depression. A study focused on depressed people being treated with antidepressants found that after cycling for just 15 minutes, their levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, dropped. Outdoor cycling adds even more to these benefits. This is because just spending time outdoors can reduce stress and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. There is also evidence that green physical exercise can increase pleasure and motivation. Feeling stressed? Just take a ride… with a bike! Let’s also mention the gym that has recently become a trend. Again cycling helps you look cool and at the same time increase muscle mass, strengthen bone structure and be physically stronger. In conclusion? Headphones in the ear and let’s start with 15 minutes a day.

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